Research Studies of Harden M. McConnell

This is a brief history of research work carried out by graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, colleagues and myself while I was at Shell Development Company in Emeryville, CA, at the California Institute of Technology (CIT), and at Stanford University.


The material is largely written from memory, and certainly is not a review of scientific literature. This account of my research is intended for former collaborators and students, friends and the curious. The scientific matter involves a wide range of topics, and a large number of students. Many of these students don’t know one other, or what they did in the way of research. In this current era of social media, this writing may serve a useful purpose for these students to learn the history of my research group, to connect, and to see the evolution of the scientific research in our laboratory. I have omitted a number of the more mathematics-dense topics (even though they consumed much of my own time), since they are likely to be of less general interest.


This work was instigated by two former graduate students, and dear friends, Alvin Kwiram and Hayes Griffith. I am greatly indebted to them for their help and insight.


January 15, 2014



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